婚礼标题是一个专业和优雅的After Effects模板,为您的下一个优质和浪漫的婚礼视频. The titles has a clean and smooth animation that works perfectly to your needs....
Support: 1/5
Classic and Ultra Minimal 20 title pack can be used for many purposes. 很容易改变你需要的持续时间,也改变文字和颜色,然后你会得到很好的输出. You can easily...
Sales: 1
Support: 5/5
TikTok Intro是一个看起来很酷,创意动画的After Effects模板,使用惊人的效果组合来显示和增强您的媒体. It contains a horizontal (3840x2160) and...
Sales: 1
Minimal Slideshow After Effects项目非常适合在设计精美的动画中显示您的照片或视频. This project features a clean design that is easy to use. — Slideshow...
Sales: 5
Support: 1/5
This After Effects template features animated newspaper pages with highlighted headlines. It contains 15 media placeholders and 6 text placeholders. The package contains a black and a white...
这是一个令人难以置信的After Effects模板,你可以用它来显示你的标志. It uses a stunning combination of effects. It contains 1 logo placeholder and 1 text...
Sales: 2
Beautiful logo for Christmas and New year. Just change text and you are done. 此模板包含1个标志占位符和1个文本占位符,您可以根据需要替换. Create an amazing...
Hologram Trailer is a cool looking and creatively animated After Effects template. It's so easy to use, simply edit the text, drag and drop in your media and hit render.
An After Effects template featuring a futuristic logo reveal with a HUD design theme. The project contains 1 text placeholder, 1 audio placeholder and 1 logo placeholder.
这个主题的After Effects模板具有3D社交媒体图标,显示和增强您的徽标. You can add your logo and change the background color. You can use it to make a unique...
Sales: 1
地球标志是一个美丽的After Effects模板与专业设计和优雅的动画标志揭示.This template contains 1 logo placeholder and 1 editable text layer.A spectacular...
Sales: 1
Halloween Intro is a stunning After Effects template with an elegant design. It is easy to use, well organized, full customize, you can project to your requirements with controllers.
历史幻灯片是一个强烈的外观和戏剧性的动画After Effects模板与一个引人注目的设计, simple text animations and smooth transitioning effects.
Photo Drop is a neat and tidy template for After Effects. 一个庄严的动画幻灯片与优雅的动画级联相框和创造性的文本动画. It contains 8 Image...
Support: 1/5
Call Out Pack After Effects Intro
40 Full Customization Call Outs Pack - After Effects Template .您可以更改(目标位置和比例-主模板-文本-字体-颜色-线条粗细-组合它们-以及更多)...
Sales: 3
— No plugins Required — Editable Colors — Very easy to edit, just edit Text, 标志和更改颜色- After Effects 2021 - 1个标志占位符- 1个文本占位符-音乐使用于...
Corporate Slideshow is a neat and dynamically animated After Effects template. 它包含了各种现代文本动画和时尚的过渡效果,汇集在一起揭示和...

After Effects Templates

After Effects is a well-known software used to create visual effects and motion graphics, as well as adding magnificent animations to video projects. 与许多其他编辑工具一样,在After Effects中创建一个项目需要花费很多时间和精力. 这是预先制作的After Effects模板创建,使您的生活更容易发挥作用.

我们的模板库允许您快速创建引人注目的视觉效果,而无需扩展经验. Every single template is well-structured, easy to understand, and contains comprehensive documentation that explains how to use it. That is why these assets, saving much time, are so valuable for video designers, animators, and other creative professionals.

Adobe After Effects Templates: Guide to Use

Before you start working with After Effects project files, make sure you have the software already installed on your computer. Provided that you don’t have the editing tool yet, Adobe提供30天免费试用,允许您在此期间完全自定义和导出视频.

使用After Effects模板将需要一个Ae项目文件与项目文件使用的其他资源捆绑在一起. Once you get a template project file with all the necessary assets, start the software and navigate to File > Open to open the file. After opening the project, consider finding the composition you want to apply changes to, replacing placeholder elements with your graphics or templates, and repeating for the other elements if any are left.


After Effects Video Templates FAQ

What is After Effects used for?

After Effects是一个基于视频和动画的软件,主要用于创建和使用动态图形. It is commonly used to add elements to moving pictures and animations. Many visual specialists also use it to create titles, intros, and transitions between clips for flawless video production. 其他很酷的事情,你可以使用After Effects工具,包括创建一个视频的标题序列, composting 3D rendered footage, and producing 2D cartoon animation or characters.

Does After Effects come with pre-installed motion templates?

After Effects带有一些模板组合,可以在其他编辑软件中使用. In Adobe Ae, choose File > Browse Template Projects, open them and then save as .aep files.

What are After Effects templates?

In short, After Effects templates are pre-animated, customizable project files designed with interchangeable elements. 它们由专业的动画师和视频设计师提供,使没有经验的人的生活更轻松. You can easily change text, color, and other design elements without the need to understand the file structure.

How do I use After Effects Templateog体育首页 templates?

After purchasing the template on TM marketplace, open the file in After Effects. All files will be on the left side of the screen in a box called the project panel. Video, audio, 和图形元素包括在包将在时间轴上,并可用于创建最终的视频. The template will ask you to access a few simple layers. Since all Ae templates come with detailed documentation, we recommend reading it to understand the editing process better.

How do I install Motion v2 in After Effects?

Setting up Motion v2 is way simple. You need no extra files or folders — all you need is Motion 2.jsxbin. To install Motion v2, close the software if open. Go to your Program Files > Adobe > Adobe After Effects > Support Files > Scripts > Script UI Panels and open the downloaded Mt. Mograph - Motion folder. Select Motion 2.jsxbin and drop it to Script UI Panels folder. Once done, restart Adobe Ae and select Window on the Menu Bar. Locate Motion 2.jsxbin and choose it. A provable panel will open in your workspace and the script will be ready to go.

5 Best Premade After Effects Templates

  1. Detective Agency is suitable for technological informative presentations. 包中包含的详细视频教程将让您知道如何使用主题而不麻烦. Before rendering a presentation, drag and drop your media and change text if needed.
  2. Corporate is another template for After Effects with an eye-catching design. It is ready to use for a corporate presentation or portfolio display project. With this theme, you’ll get access to text animations, transitioning effects, and other helpful elements needed for building impressive slideshows.
  3. Informative Instagram Stories 如果你需要曝光,那么一组30个干净又简约的Instagram故事值得考虑吗. 它拥有高质量和专业的设计,将吸引你的观众的注意力. The text and colors are easy to change, so you can customize the template to your liking.
  4. Award Show template delivers a great solution for award show presentations. 金色的造型和金色的闪闪发光的颗粒设计,不会让任何人无动于衷. The template also contains 11 different scenes, 2 title templates, one closing credit, and 2 lower thirds to meet all your needs.
  5. A Soldier’s Tale 如果你正在为即将到来的历史演讲寻找模板,它会派上用场吗. 令人印象深刻的视觉效果和流畅的镜头动画将增加主题的情感部分. A Soldier’s Tale Ae template also comes equipped with the placeholders, 包括43个图像和视频持有人以及15个可以更改的文本持有人.